How to Start Growing Cannabis

How to Start Growing Cannabis

We do not condone the production of cannabis where it is Illegal. Countries such as the Netherlands allow up to 5 Home plants but the law varies around the world. Please check your countries laws before engaging in the production of cannabis/weed

  • Where to Grow

You can opt to grow your cannabis either indoors or outdoors. A simple way to get started is by growing your plant in an inexpensive grow tent. The main things to consider about your location are humidity, temperature, and air flow. 

  • Step 2: Lighting Conditions

If your goal is to harvest, you should consider: 
1-2 oz – T5s or CFLs
2-4 oz – Small LED grow light
4-9 oz – 250W HPS

  • Growing Medium
  • Soil- Grow buds that are amended and composted soil without any liquid nutrients. 
  • Coco Coir- Coco is a hand-watered medium that looks and acts a lot like soil but is actually made out of broken up coconut husks. 
  • Hydroponics- Setting up a hydroponic reservoir takes more work than soil or coco but hydro grown plants get the fastest growth of all to grow mediums. 


  • Step 5: Get Cannabis Seeds

Some of the best seeds to use for beginners are the Blue Dream, Green Crack, and GG4. You can purchase and order seed on sites like Royal Queen Seeds and Seedsman. You can view our list of the best cannabis seed shops here

  • Germination 

One of the simplest ways to germinate your seeds is to plant them in a starter plug like a Rapid Rooter. These already moist when you get them and are designed to give your seed everything it needs for the first few days of growth. Just put your seed in the pre-cut hole and leave in a warm place until your seedlings appear

  • Vegetation

At this point, your main job is to water the plants, adjust grow light and regularly check the Ph. 

  • Flowering 

You “tell” your plant to start making buds by putting your grow lights on a timer that is set on a 12/12 light schedule. This means the grow light is on for 12 hours, but the plant spends the other 12 hours a day is in uninterrupted darkness.

  • Harvesting

You can tell that your bud is ready for harvest when the white hairs on the buds will have darkened and will have mostly curled in.

  • Drying of Buds 

Read how to properly cure and dry weed here