The Benefits Of Cannabis Oil

Most people would have wondered how such a plant and its extract which is acclaimed to have serious psychotropic effects (gets someone “high”) would be so useful, much more to the health of people. Researchers and medical experts have agreed that cannabis oil could really be used for medicinal purposes. This has been an incredible discovery with many examples of diseases, infections and illnesses cured by the use of cannabis oil. This post will intimate you of the best benefits of cannabis oil which have been scientifically proven.
First, what is Cannabis Oil?
The word ‘oil’ in the phrase can particularly be misleading to people who are just coming in contact with the term. Cannabis oil also referred to as hash oil is an oleoresin (thick substance) extracted from the cannabis plant. The cannabis oil is an umbrella term for many other names such as TCH oil, CBD oil, Rick Simpson oil (RSO) and so on.
What are the benefits of Cannabis Oil? 
Cannabis has always been under the legislative hammer in many countries. This is due to its psychotic effects on smokers. However, with many tales and experiences of the medical benefits of the plant, research has revealed that cannabis (oil) can be used to treat a wide variety of ailments. So much of the benefits of cannabis oil rests on medicinal purposes. But cannabis oil may also be used for recreational purposes.
Medical Benefits of Cannabis Oil

  • Reduction of Glaucoma
Cannabis oil can be used to reduce ocular pressure in patients suffering from glaucoma. As a result, most states which permit the use of cannabis cite glaucoma as one of its qualifying conditions for the use of cannabis as treatment.
  • Cancer Cure?
This is perhaps the hottest debate and fore front of many researches into the medical benefits of cannabis oil. Rick Simpson, from whom the RSO derives its name, claimed to have used the extract to cure himself and many others of skin cancer. Studies have further revealed that cannabis oil can be effectively used to inhibit cancerous growth.

Recreational Uses
  • Analgesia:
Dosages of cannabis oil, when taken under medical supervision has been proven to drastically reduce the pain of [patients. It is able to do this because of the variety of chemical compounds in Cannabis. Studies reveal that it takes up to 20 to 40 minutes for it to take effect. After this, it is capable of subsuming the pain for as long as 4 hours. The RSO has proved to be of great use in this direction.
Sleep Inducer and Increased Appetite
Users of cannabis oil have generally testified to its ability to relieve anxiety and aid sleep. Cannabinoids have the potential to release pleasure hormones which results in a calming effect over the body and mind. Its psychotic effects generally induce deep sleep. Studies have further revealed that cannabis oil is capable of increasing appetite for users and cancer or HIV patients.
Other Uses:
Apart from its medical and recreational benefits, Cannabis oil may also be used as a baking or cooking recipe. It is sometimes used in making pot brownies.

There are many more ongoing studies of the multiple benefits of cannabis oil. As succinctly put in the words of a journal – Dialogues in Clinical Neurosciences, “the therapeutic value of cannabinoids is too high to be put aside”. But to partake in the existing benefits can be quite an arduous task as it may not be readily purchased at your local store. If you were to order, where would you rather place your order? You should definitely try this store!