The Importance Of A Good Bong

Clearly, the most important use of a bong is to hold water and draw smooth hits from hash or weed. A bong generally helps to filter the smoke and cool the heat. Thus, the smoke inhaled has a favorable temperature and is purer. As a beginner, the difference between a good bong and a bad bong or water pipe may not be too obvious. This article is written to help you find out. For more experienced smokers, the challenge may be to identify the reason you should get a better bong than the one you are using. This post will equally help you identify the importance of having a good bong and where to find one. Just read through and thank me later.

Maintenance of a bong is a as important as having one. Smokers often opt for bongs because it is safer to smoke through bongs than having to smoke a joint. Antagonists of bongs have argued that it often contains bugs if continually used and passed around among friends. To prevent the infestation of bugs and for easy maintenance, you will need to get one of these bongs. They are quite easy to clean unlike poorly made bongs and to maintain if stored properly.
When a hit is drawn from the bong, the smoke escapes through the water to give the smoker a cleaner hit than that which would have been gotten when smoking a joint. For beginners and even pros, it is very important to use a good bong to draw your hits. This is because the smoke drawn from the weed enters the lungs. If the smoke is filled with impurities, there are higher risks of having respiratory diseases. However, using a good bong will reduce that risk by giving you a clean and smoother hit.

Getting to roll one’s joint may be egoistic and serve personal purposes no doubt. But the stress of having to roll many joints when one has to have a good time can be very frustrating. This is not to mention how smokers have to pause in between smokes to roll new joints. Do you want something easier and faster? A good bong will be the right choice. With a good bong, you can always be set and don’t have to be bothered about having to roll a joint even if you want to keep smoking the whole day. It is easy to carry around, use and store. Unlike a joint or any other means of smoking weed, a good bong offers the opportunity to pause your smoke without having to worry about the implications of fire outbreak.

Drawing hits directly from joints has often resulted in having the smoker’s cough especially for beginners. This results from the harsh temperature and irritability smoke from joints have on your throat. This draws out another advantage of having a bong. Having a bong helps to reduce the chances of having the smoker’s cough or avoid it totally. Smokers can draw as much as possible without having to worry about coughing side effects while using a good bong.

Are you a lover of order, cleanliness and fanciful items? Then a good bong, nicely designed will just suit your smoking and aesthetic desires. With a beautifully crafted design, you can hang the bong anywhere in the room and still have your room in order.

For experienced smokers, the value of a good bong cannot be overemphasized. How much more for beginners. Don’t fall into the trap of purchasing any bong.